After weeks of holding steady, gas prices in Montana spiked this week. petroleum analyst Will Spear explains where Montana prices are compared to the U.S. national average.

“Right now it is sitting at about $2.05, but still below the national average of $2.14,” said Spear. “We typically see Montana in the summer time have their prices aligned closer to what the national average looks like and while you have a discount now, look for that spread to start to collapse.”

According to Spear, the transition to summer blend of gasoline directly affects the prices motorists pay in Montana.

“Montana is in a difficult position because the summer is a hard time for the refiners in the area to really make that more difficult summer blend of gasoline,” Spear said. “Montana is somewhat isolated from these big refining centers so they really have to rely on their own supply. It is really a difficult time for motorists.”

Spear says prices at this time a year ago in Montana were 26 cents higher than they are right now.