Montana is on the cusp of being the 46th state to adopt a set of standards known as Common Core. The new standards are championed by Montana's Office of Public Instruction, but many Montanans wonder if these new standards might be setting our education system up for decline.

Emmett McGroarty, who serves serves as Executive Director of the Preserve Innocence Initiative at the American Principles Project, is co-author of Why the Common Core is Bad for America and one of the most prominent voices in opposition to Common Core.

In Why the Common Core is Bad for America, McGroarty and co-authors Jonathan Butcher and Liv Finne put forth four main arguments as to why Common Core is a bad deal for American education:

  1. The Common Core is the basis for a national curriculum and national test.
  2. Three hundred prominent policymakers and education experts warn the Common Core will close the door on innovation.
  3. The Common Core standards are of insufficient quality.
  4. The cost of the Common Core is considerable, yet unknown.

Whether you're sold on Common Core or still unconvinced, you should check out Talk Back on April 16 to hear what McGroarty has to say. During the show we will have him flesh out his case against Common Core and, of course, have him answer your questions.