Elk hunters in west central Montana continue have a tough time finding game according to Fish Wildlife and Parks spokeswoman Vivica Crowser.

“Elk harvest is continuing to be slow with the warm weather and the dry weather,” Crowser said. “We are not seeing snow accumulate even in the higher elevation, so it really makes a big difference in what we see in numbers. We’re really down in elk harvest but deer harvest has been on par really all season and its picking up now, especially as we moving into the middle part of November when the deer rut picks up.”

The lack of snow has many hunters wondering whether or not FWP will lengthen hunting season. Crowser says such a move has happened before.

“I don’t remember what year it was but I remember having a mild season maybe about seven or eight years ago and we got huge snowfall towards the end of the season and we did extend it but that is really an exception,” Crowser said. “I don’t look to see us do that this year, especially because we do have the shoulder season in place that are allowing some harvest opportunity and that is already all figured out.”

Although Elk harvest is down by about 32 percent, an average mule deer harvest and slightly better than normal white-tail harvest helped bumped the total harvest.