The Missoula Rural Fire District sent out a letter on May 13 thanking property owners for approving a resolution to continue funding for six firefighter/EMT positions.

Fire District Chief Bill Colwell said the continuing levy will make an enormous difference in helping Missoula Rural Fire provide service.

"The resolution, 2014 dash one, came before the voters on May 6th, and the leter we sent out is a sincere thank you to all the voters," Colwell said. "We had nearly 40 percent of the ballots returned and the voters supported the resolution and sustained those six firefighter positions that help maintain adequate firefighter/EMT's arriving on first-due engines. This will enable Missoula Rural Fire to continue to provide the service we have been the last two years."

Colwell said the continued funding positively affects all aspects of the fire district.

"We can now continue to maintain two people during our peak response hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the day in our outlying stations," Colwell said. "The firefighters and the fire administration very much appreciate that support."

Fire District Chief Bill Colwell