Update: Missoula beat out Grand Rapids with a vote of 3,428 to 3,075! This is the second of two rounds where Missoula has beat out the competition but the battle to secure SoMeT13US is not quite over! Stay tuned as we follow this story into the next chapter, the final four stand-off, which begins on Tuesday or Thursday, depending on how the bracket shakes out.

By now, almost everyone in the Missoula social media world has heard that the Garden City has a chance to host the 2013 Social Media Tourism Symposium, #SoMeT13US for short. In fact, Missoula is in the second round of voting and is facing off against Grand Rapids, Michigan, today, March 20 with polls closing at 8 p.m. Missoula must tally more votes by this time in order to move on to the semifinals.

Missoula has a disadvantage in that the population is much smaller than that of Grand Rapids.

However, as of about noon today Missoula had slightly more votes than Grand Rapids, but their numbers are increasing by the hour.

See below for up to the minute results live and don't forget to take part in making this happen.

For more information about the summit and how this whole story began, click here.