An annual fundraising drive put on by the University of Montana Foundation that supports UM’s academics, students and activities had a record-breaking year.

UM Foundation call center manager Molly Adamson said the foundation has pledged almost $315,000 since July 1, 2013 alone:

"We've raised well over $300,000 for the phonathon this year," Adamson said. "We set a goal of $280,000. Last year, we raised right around $260,000, so we really exceeded our expectations. We thought the $280,000 was actually pretty hefty, but apparently not!"

Adamson said the foundation has a lot of donors—over 3,400 pledges to be exact—all of which are friends and alumni of the University of Montana. Adamson said there’s been anywhere from $10,000 donations to the largest donation ever recorded at the phonathon—$15,000.

"I think it has to be a combination of things," Adamson said. "Obviously, the economy is looking up compared to last years. I think the university has been doing some awesome things. A lot of positivity has been coming back to our name and I think people are ready to support and show that they care about what we're doing over here. Our callers are awesome and they know how to connect with our donors."

There still are a few weeks before this year’s phonathon draws to a close, and Adamson is confident that her team will continue to exceed expectations.