Last week, KGVO News ran a story on the IBEW 1269 strike going on in Montana and other states over changes at the Dex-One corporation. In that interview, Dex-One Spokesman Chirs Hardman gave the company's perspective on the strike. Hardman said that none of the jobs will be outsourced overseas and that nearly a third of the workers on strike have already returned to work. He also commented that the workers at issue make between $80,000.00 and $100,000.00 per year.

Now, the president of IBEW 1269 has come forward to give the Union's side of the story. It is a very different take than the portrayal that Hardman gave. In the following interview, Union President Casey Lewis explains how the new rules will allow jobs to be outsourced, how some Union members are returning to work via "underhanded" means, and how the $80,000 income is overstated for workers in Montana.