University of Montana officials sent out an e-mail on Friday afternoon to all students and faculty that two sexual assaults were committed against UM students on February 10th. The University has been aggressively looking into sexual assaults for the last few months, even bringing in former Montana Supreme Court Justice Diane Barz to lead the investigation. That e-mail is attached.


Possible Threat to the Community

"Your Right to Know"

February 17, 2011

In compliance with the "Timely Notice" provisions of the federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998 the University is giving notice of recently reported disturbing acts of sexual violence reported to have occurred on or near campus.

The University has recently become aware of two possible sexual assaults that took place on Friday, February 10, 2012, on or near campus.  Information received by the University indicates the possible assaults were made by the same male perpetrator. The victims involved are both female; both women report being an acquaintance of the perpetrator and accepting a ride from the perpetrator to their on-campus housing.  In both separate instances, the perpetrator reportedly forced the women to drink alcohol and to possibly ingest illegal drugs and drove the women to a residence near campus and attempted to or did sexually assault them.

Both cases are being investigated by The University of Montana Dean of Students.

It can be assumed that conditions continue to exist that may pose a threat to members and guests of the community. It is the duty of the institution to warn of possible "dangerous conditions" on or near its campus, and at affiliate organizations off campus; an "affirmative duty" exists to warn persons associated with this university of possible peril at the hands of some third party or parties. The University of Montana urges all students to be alert to the possible dangers of accepting rides from acquaintances and strangers and to take steps to protect themselves.

Please forward this notice to your colleagues and post it on appropriate bulletin boards in your area. If you have any information that might be helpful in this investigation or if you witness suspicious behavior on campus, immediately contact the Office of Public Safety at 406-243- 6132.

The investigation is being conducted by the UM Dean of Students Office.