The University of Montana’s Office for Integrated Communications and the UM Foundation marketing team collectively ranked in several awards from two recent national competitions. UM Spokesperson Cary Shimek says the marketing team appreciates getting noticed for their hard work.

“Our marketing teams at the University of Montana are always working hard to promote the positive stories coming out of the University and it is nice when we occasionally get some national recognition for out work,” said Shimek. “Some marketers on campus recently won seven awards from the 2015 Digital Marketing Awards and the 31st annual Educational Advertising Awards.”

Shimek talked about the specific awards UM won and who won them.

“The Um Foundation Impact Report won a gold and the UM Presidents Report also won a gold, so that makes us feel pretty good,” Shimek said. “The other awards went to our UM social media, the University website, a UM foundation video, a UM foundation TV add, and of course the Montanan, our alumni magazine won.”

UM received three honors from the largest educational advertising awards competition in the country.