The primary elections are over, but the race to the general elections have just begun. After winning a close, five-way primary battle, Republican candidate for the U.S. House Ryan Zinke was asked to contrast himself with his democratic opponent John Lewis.

"I think you find two candidates that are very different, you know?" Zinke said. "His first donation was Nancy Pelosi. My first donor was Tommy Nuns from the CEO of a Waste of Soil. My stated priority is to open the mine in Libby and John's priority is the North Fork Basin."

Zinke said he made John Lewis a pledge when they spoke after the primary on Tuesday night

"I called, I know his wife because she's a lobbyist, and I was a state senator. I have respect for her," Zinke said. "John I don't know that well. I'm certain during these next few months I'll get to know him well. I plan to run the same type of campaign that we ran in the primary."

Many expect that the U.S. house seat in Montana will attract a lot of funding from outside sources. The Republican primary that Zinke won is already considered the most expensive in Montana history.