Two Montana bowhunters were attacked by grizzly bears over the weekend. Montana, Fish, Wildlife and Parks Public Information Officer Vivaca Crowser says Grizzly Bear attacks are expected during this time of the year.

“Theres been several, I think the most recent examples were to the North and Western edge of Yellowstone National Park,” Crowser said. “You know it’s something that you could expect this time of year. Where animals are out, bears are out and active, hunters are out and being quiet putting themselves in situations where the  wildlife they’re hoping to attract is also wildlife the bears are in tune with.”

Bowhunters are especially at risk because of the need for stealth as they try to get close to their prey, Crowser says they need to take extra precautions.

“One of the key things is just to hunt with somebody especially in spots where visibility isn’t great and you’re going to be out for a while,” Crowser said. “Go with a hunting partner and also be sure to have that bear spray handy, not buried in your pack but right there with an easy reach because when you need it, you need it right now.”

Although two grizzly bear attacks in one weekend may seem like a lot, Crowser says the rate of attacks this year appear to be on par with past years. Both of the victims were released from the hospital with treatable wounds.