Two cheer squads with Summit Athletics in Missoula are making history. Cindy Archer is a mom of one of the athletes who was recently invited to participate in a prestigious All Star Cheer competition.

“The girls from Summit Athletics on their senior level two and senior level three teams are the first teams in Montana to ever be invited to compete in the D2 Summit, which is All Star Cheer in Tampa, Florida,” said Archer. “Over 11,000 teams compete across the US and only 500 get invited so it is a privilege for them to go down and compete.”

Archer says this invitation is something the athletes have been striving for.

“Summit Athletics has been actively competing to the D2 Summit for the past five years,” Archer said. “In the past three years, they have won 15 national championships between Salt Lake City, Portland, and also Tacoma.”

Summit Athletics is hosting a benefit at the Sunrise Saloon on April 9th. The event will include a silent auction and raffle in order to help fund the athlete’s trip to Florida.