Simply by pinning Condoleezza Rice's face to the top of the Drudge Report for a good portion of the week, Matt Drudge has managed to get most of the conservative world debating the Pro's and Con's of a Rice-Romney ticket. She even managed to pull the most shares on Intrade over the week.

I personally don't think Rice would be the best pick for Romney, but she certainly has some strong points. Here's the breakdown as I see it in no particular order.



1. Rice has a strong handle on how the executive branch works from her time as Secretary of State.

2. Rice has a genius level intellect in a variety of areas (although very little of that intellect will be needed in a VP position).

3.Rice should help pull more female votes to the ticket and help balance the imbalanced minds that think that republicans in general or Romney in particular run on the fumes of racism.

4. Rice would give her ticket a "historical moment" edge that could give her team the win.

5. Watching Rice debate Biden would be awesome (she can be unnervingly quick witted while Biden is simply big-mouthed). Furthermore, If Obama switches to Hillary Clinton at the convention a debate between two former Secretary of State ladies would probably be more exciting than even the Romney-Obama debate.



1. She has never had to run for office and lacks experience as a candidate. VPs don't win elections, but they can lose them.

2. She will make the moral conservative base lose even more interest in Romney because of her stance on abortion (she supports abortion but is against late term abortion and is in strong support of parental notification).

3. She has not shown the tenacity that is traditionally expected of a VP candidate. The Romney ticket already has one careful and cautious planner, now it needs someone that can rally votes (and donations) while campaigning.

4. She reminds voters of the Bush era and makes the Romney ticket look like "more of the same" in an election year win people are looking for change.

5. She doesn't want the job.