The Brits have abducted Peter this week, luckily he's in the company of his wife and daughter. Hopefully he minds the gap, stomachs the food, and can make his way back home safely. Until then, the show must go on! Here's what to expect on Talk Back this week...

For Monday's edition of Health Talk, we will speak with Dr. Anderson, who works as the employee health medical director for Community Medical Center and also works in post-acute care services for Community Physician Group patients that need care after the hospital for a transitional stay to home, or for long-term care. We will discuss the "Walk with a doc" program, the benefits of healthy diet and exercise and colon cancer.

Then at 9, we will speak with Raheel Raza,  Author of THEIR JIHAD…NOT MY JIHAD Raheel Raza is a public speaker, Consultant for Interfaith and Intercultural diversity, documentary film maker, freelance journalist and founder of SAMA' (Sacred Arts and Music Alliance).

On Tuesday, we will have Abdelilah Bouasria in studio. Dr. Abdelilah Bouasria is the Lead Arabic instructor and Assistant Professor at DCLCP, the University of Montana. He taught Middle East politics at American University in Washington DC and George Mason University, Virginia. He is the author of Sufism and Politics in Morocco: Activism and Dissent (Routledge:2015) as well as Master and Disciple (Author house: 2007) and Mamlakat al Qaht (Nadacom: 2006) and several other articles and book chapters. He speaks Five languages including Arabic and Spanish, and has published in four of them. He has worked as a journalist at Voice of America, DC, a teacher and a tester at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California and a political analyst at the embassy of Qatar in Washington DC. He conducts research on several themes such as OPI and DLPT methodologies, Intercultural awareness, Gender in the Arab World, Islamic studies, Sufism, Social Movements, Theories of Power, Latin America and the Arab World, Youth, Monarchies and their resilience, and Parapsychology.

On Wednesday and Thrusday we will speak with a host of guests from the Southeast Asia and Middle East Conference going on at the University of Montana. We will have Bob Seidenschwartz in studio along with Mehrdad Kia and a variety of guests including:

Dr. Fatima Sadiqi, from the Woodrow Wilson Center Washington DC

Dr. Dominic Thomas,University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA)

Then on Thursday We will speak with  Dr. Amr Al-Azm
Associate Professor of Middle East History and Anthropology Shawnee State University-Ohio.