Here's a quick peek at what we're trying to get on the Talk Back show this week:

On Monday, we will have open phones as usual after 9:00. Before that we will speak with military vets from the United States of Hope about their work to help the Philippines recover  from the aftereffects of typhoon Hainan.

On Tuesday, we hope to speak with Colin Woodard about his book American Nations. Woodard's work delves into the 11 different cultural "states" that he says make up the U.S. and form attitudes toward politics, the death penalty, and a host of other issues.

On Wednesday, we may be speaking with a representative from the Poverello Center to speak about what homelessness is like on the ground floor in Missoula. If not, we will have open phones.

On Thursday Jame Steele will join us to speak about Native American issues. Steele is the former Chairman of the CSKT tribes.

Finally, on Friday we will have open phones to close out the week.