It's a short week again on the Talk Back Show as Peter and I will be taking Thursday off for Thanksgiving day. Here's what to expect the rest of the week.

On Monday, Elko county Nevada commissioner Grant Gerber will be in studio to discuss his efforts to grant states more control over federal land. Gerber's Smoked Bear Initiative features Smokey the Bear's little brother and ties concepts like grazing and resource harvesting into a public information message on fire management.

On Tuesday, we will have open phones after a half hour session with the nonprofit group Energy Share of Montana. Feel free to bring up any topic you want!

On Wednesday, there is a good chance we discuss the CKST water rights negotiations. Nothing set in stone yet, if the scheduling doesn't work for our guest I will do my best to fill the spot with another guest.

Thursday is Thanksgiving! No Talk Back Show, but I'm sure we can all find something to be grateful for.

Finally, on Friday we will close out the week with another rousing hour of open phones. Have a great week!