Even though I may be partially delirious due frequent new-baby wake-ups, the Talk Back show must go on. Luckily, we have a lovely array of guests lined up for the week. Here's what to expect.

On Monday, we'll have everyone's favorite tax wonk Walt Kero on the line to answer your questions. Kero is a certified public accountant and works with JCCS in Missoula.

On Tuesday, we will speak with constitutional scholar Rob Natelson. Natelson formerly taught law at The University of Montana and now works at the Independence Institute where he writes frequently on constitutional issues. Click on the link to the Independence Institute and you will find a host of articles and books from Natelson.

On Wednesday, we will speak with Bradley Layton who works as an assistant professor and director of Energy Technology at the Missoula College. Layton is our guest courtesy of the Bob Seidenschwartz and the Montana World Affairs Council.

On Thursday we have open phones.

On Friday, we will speak with Roger Simmermaker about his book "How Americans Can Buy American."

Have a great week!