More Talk Back is on the way! Here's who we'll be speaking to this week.

On Monday, we will spend the first half hour talking with Joe Balyeat about the documentary Fracknation and the policies his group, Americans for Prosperity, believes would improve Montana's productivity.

On Tuesday we will speak with Dr. Marilyn M. Singleton who argues that "death panels" are already part of our medical system and that government regulations run the risk of limiting patient choice.

On Wednesday we will speak with members of the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). CIT is a special Missoula task force designed with dealing with and preventing crimes from those in a mental crisis.

On Thursday we will speak with University of Montana students about a documentary called Guns in the Big Sky. As the name of the documentary implies, we will talk about gun culture in Montana.

On Friday we will close out the week with another round of open phones. Talk to you soon!