It's another week of fantastic Talk Back shows and after clearing some scheduling hurdles I can finally tell you what to expect! The line-up may be a day late and a dollar short, but here's what to expect...

On Tuesday, we will kick off the show by speaking with a group of ex-Hutterites who are traveling Montana discussing their book "Hutterites: Our Story to Freedom." At nine, we will shift the discussion back to the issue of Montana's self-defense laws in a conversation with Gary Marbut, the head of the Montana Shooting Sports Association and the author H.B. 228, the most recent clarification/change to the state's gun laws.

On Wednesday, we will speak with The Montana World Affair Council and special guest Hussein Ibish, author of "What's Wrong with the One State Agenda," and a frequent commentator on Israeli-Palestinian relations.

On Thursday, we will invite University of Montana students into the studio to discuss the new student documentary "Distracted: Eyes off the Road."

On Friday we will speak with some Montana trappers about I-167 which aims to "prohibit trapping of certain animals by private individuals on any public lands within the state of Montana."

That's it for this week, enjoy!