Bring out the nice campaign; March is over, and winter is leaving with it. There's even more to celebrate, because the beginning of a new month means we get to hear some of our most popular Talk Back guests.

On Monday, we will kick off the week with a round of open phones. It will be random and wild as usual, so I have no idea what the topic will be.

On Tuesday, we will speak with constitutional scholar and former UM professor Rob Natelson. Natelson currently works at the Independence Institute in Colorado, you can read his most recent work here.

April 15 is on the way. We'll help you prepare for tax day by letting you ask CPA Walt Kero all of your questions. Go get out those spreadsheets and bags of receipts, before time runs out.

On Thursday, we will speak with The Parenting Place, a group that works to help families avoid the circumstances that might end in abuse.

On Friday we will close out the week with a discussion about the Missoula government study commission. We will speak with former study commission participant Geoff Badenoch and others to get an idea of the ins and outs of the commission.