We have an excellent line up of guests this week on the Talk Back show. Here's what to expect:

On Monday, we will have open phones. Call in and tell us your thoughts on any topic. We will kick off the morning with a discussion of the EU's handling of Cypriot banks.

On Tuesday, we will speak with Miriam Grossman. Grossman recently spoke out against the sex-ed policies advocated at the United Nations and is the author of Unprotected.

On Wednesday, we will speak with Leon Lamoreaux, the CEO of New West Montana. Lamoreaux was recently in Washington to discuss a series of changes hitting Medicare Advantage. This particular program is under lots of flux due to the Affordable Care Act and decision made during the sequester.

On Thursday, Avik Roy will be in studio to discuss reform of the American healthcare system. Roy worked as an adviser to the Romney campaign despite being one of the voices that spoke out against the Massachusetts health care reforms.

On Friday, we will clean up the week with a final round of open phones. Have a good week!