International and domestic disputes abound this week on the Talk Back show. Here's what to expect.

On Monday, is open phones. We will speak for a few minutes with Chuck Denowh from the group Count on Coal.

On Tuesday, we will speak with Carl Graham from the Montana Policy Institute about his role in the recent healthcare discussions at the university. We will likely discuss Montana's debate over whether or not to expand Medicaid.

On Wednesday, Bob Seidenschwartz from the World Affairs Council will be with us.

On Thursday, Ravalli county commissioner Suzy Foss will be with us to discuss the impact of sequestration on Ravalli county among other things.

On Friday, we have a special opportunity to speak with Dylan Todd. Dylan's brother Shane has become the subject of a federal investigation after Shane's family began to question the events surrounding his death in Singapore. Now, Senator Baucus and even Secretary of State John Kerry are involved in trying to shed light on this suspicious event.