It's primary election week for Montana and Lego Abe Lincoln is here to remind you to vote, also, don't forget to listen to Talk Back (we expect some candidate call-ins on the 7th)!

On Monday's Health Talk we will speak with inventor Ryan Duarte who has spent the last year building out an artificial intelligence software solution to help protect people from skin cancer and skin damage with smart phone technology. After that we will speak with Constitutional Scholar Rob Natelson from the Independence Institute.

On Tuesday, we will be joined by "the tax man," CPA Walt Kero, will be on to answer your tax questions. Also, we'll be taking calls from candidates in the run up to the close of the polls.

On Wednesday, we will speak with Bob Seidenschwartz and a special guest from the Montana World Affairs Council.

On Thursday, we will speak with investigators and local non-profits about elder abuse in Montana.

Finally, we will close out the week with some open phones.