Independence Day is on the way! We've only got four Talk Back shows left before the 4th, here's a look at what'll be on the airwaves.

On Monday, we will have open phones. There are a bunch of topics on our minds, including the declaration of a new caliphate by ISIS, the results of Hillary Clinton's book tour, and the search for someone at the EPA, who has been smearing poo on the walls. Not intrigued? then tell us what you want to talk about.

On Tuesday, we will speak with special guest and Constitutional scholar Rob Natelson about a flurry of recent Supreme Court appointments. Everything from recess appointments to Hobby Lobby will be on the table. Rob will be on loan to us from the Independence Institute where he has his day job, you can read his work here.

On Wednesday we will speak with our favorite CPA and friend of the show Walt Kero about all things taxes. Will any of the furor over the IRS lead to major change? We'll get Walt's take on that and more.

On Thursday we will speak with two Missoulians who are passionate about fighting big money in politics. Walter Wild and Jon Elingson will join us to explain why they are supporting the Mayday PAC (a super PAC to destroy super PACs). Both of our guests have been active in various movements to rebut the influence of big money in politics and can talk broadly about things such as CItizen's United and the more recent McCutcheon decision.

On Friday we will have no show. Step outside the city of Missoula and light off some fireworks: it's Independence Day!