One last week of June programming before we bust into July on Talk Back. Here's what we will be talking about...

On Monday's Health Talk, we will speak with Perinatologist Bardett Fausett about pregnancy and birth in Missoula. Then, at 9 we will shift over to open phones.

On Tuesday, we will speak Philosophers David Sherman and Soazig Le Bihan about the concept of free speech.

On Wednesday, we may have open phones (but probably not)  still waiting for guest to confirm.

On Thursday, we will kick off the show with a half hour of open phones, followed by a discussion with Thale Dillon from the Kids Count Data Center about the state of childhood in Montana.

Finally, on Friday we will have open phones as we prepare for an extra-long weekend. We will have no Talk Back show on July 4, as we celebrate Independence Day.