June is almost over, but before we flip the calendar we've got a bunch of hot topics to discuss on Talk Back.

On Monday's Health Talk, we'll be joined by plastic/reconstructive surgeon Dr. Ryan Marshall to talk about carpal tunnel syndrome, laser skin resurfacing, breast reconstruction and sunscreen.

During Talk Back we'll have open phones, and a quick visit from Jim O'Day and some of the folks behind the upcoming "Celebrities at the Ball Park" event.

On Tuesday we will discuss Missoula's jail diversion plan with state legislator Cynthia Wolken, who helped to draft the plan.

On Wednesday's World Affairs Council on the Radio, we will speak with UCLA chair of Francophone Studies Thomas Dominic about the political landscape in Europe and his new book "War of Identities." Then at 9:30 we'll come back to the U.S. to speak with Montana Senator Steve Daines till the top of the hour.

On Thursday, we will chat with Geoffrey Styles from GSW Strategy Group and author of the blog "Energy Outlook."

Finally, on Friday we will close out the week with some open phones.