Talk Back is back again with another week of fantabulous guests. To kick things off we will begin by speaking with Derek Skees about his proposal of a "unity principal" to keep Republican legislators in check.

On Tuesday we will speak with Steve Levine about book his book 8 History Book Myths About Mao Zedong. Tyrant? Hero? Puppet? We'll get Levine's insights and take your questions.

On Wednesday we will speak with Chris Christiaens of the Montana Farmer's Union. Christiaens is a lobbyist who has been following the Farm Bill. The Farm Bill is quite possibly the most complicated piece of American legislation so there should be something for everyone to learn.

On Thursday we will talk for a while with speaker Jim Ramsay who claims to be able to predict with nearly 100% accuracy whether or not a relationship will succeed or fail.

On Friday we will close out the week with a conversation with Ken Payne. Payne was a teacher, but lost his job because of a skin condition that left him without traceable fingerprints. Fair? Unfair? We'll

And that's it for this week. Be sure to check out our new podcast tab if you missed any of the shows.