We've had a few last minute updates to the guest schedule, so here's an updated look at what's in store this week on the Talk Back show...

On Monday, we had a round of open phones. If you missed it you'll have to catch up later on the podcast (which has been on hiatus since June 17 due to some technical difficulties, but will be updated someday soon).

On Tuesday, we will spend the first half hour speaking with a group of local high school students involved in the i3 Missoula program. They are designing a website to help kids under 16 find jobs. After that we will speak with Chris Johnson from the Missoula County Fire Protection Agency about how fire fighting, management, and a surprising burst in the number of human caused fires recently.

On Wednesday, we will speak with the Israeli Counsul General Dr. Andy David about the relationship between the U.S. and Israel, trade, and any world affairs questions you might have. As an added bonus, Dr. David will be live in studio.

On Thursday, we will be talking about psychotropic drugs with Jim Gottstein, the founder of Psychrights.org. Gottstein has been fighting to end forced drugging in his home state of Alaska and elsewhere for over a decade.

On Friday we will close out the week with a final bout of open phones. Have a great week and enjoy the show!