It's only mid January, but it already feels like winter is over. Maybe we've been blowing too much hot air on Talk Back? Well, it doesn't look like that trend is going to stop anytime soon. Here's this week's guest list:

On Monday we will speak with former Montana Lieutenant Governor and current candidate for U.S. Senate John Bohlinger. Bohlinger is running as a Democrat this time and says he promotes the values of "duty, honor, country, responsibility and service." We'll find out what that means with your calls and questions.

On Tuesday we will spend the first half hour with Fox News correspondent Liz Peek as she explains why she believes legalizing marijuana is a bad idea. After that, we'll have open phones.

On Wednesday we will have a special guest from the Montana World Affairs Council (so special, in fact, that I don't even know who it is yet).

On Thursday we will most likely have a round of mid-week open phones, though it is possible we speak to another U.S. Senate candidate.

Finally, we will close out the week by speaking with Missoula County Attorney candidate Jason Marks on Friday.