Lots of open phones this week, with some special guests... of course! Here's the mix:

On Monday, we will have open phones for nearly two hours, so tell us what to talk about. at 9:15 we will be joined by Luke Popovich from the National Mining Association about the EPA's "Clean Power Plan" and how it might effect Montana.

On Tuesday, OOPS! No Talk Back on Tuesday. There's no vacation for us either. Jon has to go in for jury duty so we'll be playing a "best of."

On Wednesday, Mellisa Hornbeam of the Reserved Water Compact Commission will join us to discuss the most recently proposed CSKT water compact.

On Thursday, we will have a lot of open phones and a discussion with Missoula County School District 1 Superintendent Alex Apostle.

On Friday, we will close out the week with two hours of open phones. Talk to you soon1