Well, it's a brand new year and a brand new batch of Talk Back shows are on their way. Thanks for being patient while I took some time off at the end of the year to spend time with my family. Without further ado, here's what to expect this week on Talk Back.

On Wednesday our beloved Rob Natelson will be on the show to answer your questions concerning the U.S. Constitution. Rob is a former University of Montana Constitutional law professor and one of the nations preeminent legal minds. He also wrote the book, literally, about the Montana State Constitution.

On Thursday we will be speaking with Public Relations Director for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Mark Holyoak. All things pertaining to the RMEF will be on the table, but we will almost certainly discuss the issue of wolves, including both trapping and the buffer zone that was recently put in place around Yellowstone Park.

On Friday we will close out the week with a round of open phones, call in and tell us what's on your mind.

Talk to you soon!