To match the weird weather we'll have a bizarre schedule on Talk Back this week, with open phones days where they aren't normally seen. Here's a glance at how the wonderful weirdness will unfold...

On Monday, we will speak to Missoula County resident SuzAnne Miller. Miller is the owner of the Dunrovin Ranch, which has suffered through lawsuit after lawsuit from Missoula County (go here for an extended interview). Many feel that the county is abusing its power and both Republicans and Democrats at the state legislature have fought to change the law, but the court cases keep on coming. Miller will give us a first hand account of what has happened at her ranch.

On Tuesday, we will have the open phones show that usually occurs on Monday. As usual, folks are asked to talk about any topic they'd like to bring up. Keep us on our toes!

On Wednesday, we will speak with journalist Ed West about the ongoing extermination of Christianity in the Middle East. What, if anything, should the western world do to stop the bloodshed? West is our guest courtesy of the Montana World Affairs Council.

On Thursday, we will speak to interim Ravalli County Treasurer Valerie Stamey about the lawsuits, investigations, and audits currently pouring into Ravalli after the county failed to pay its bills on time. Stamey says there is corruption amongst the county commissioners, while many of them say she is to blame. We'll let you hear her case and make up your own mind.

On Friday, we will speak with Billings-area teacher and candidate for the U.S. House Elsie Arntzen. Elsie will only be able to stay with us for about 40 minutes, after that, we'll have open phones.

Talk to you soon!