Peter will not be with us this week on the Talk Back Show, but fret not, we will soldier on . . . albeit with a lot less funny voices. World Affairs Council representative and all-around gift-to-the-world Bob Seidenschwartz will be in studio to keep the air waves full of chatter and help me keep track of all the callers. Luckily, we have a bevy of great guests this week. here's what's in store.

On Monday, certified CPA Walt Kero from JCCS will be in studio to field all of your tax questions. We'll undoubtedly be talking about the looming "fiscal cliff" so if you're curious about what it is or how it might effect you, now's your chance to find out.

On Tuesday, constitutional scholar, author, former U of M professor and regular call-magnet Rob Natelson of the Independence Institute will be in studio to field your legal questions and tackle all the constitutional conundrums we find ourselves in.

On Wednesday, The Israeli Council General will be on the air with us and the World Affairs Council. If you're curious about recent events in Israel and Gaza, or what the future might hold for the region, now's your chance to get your questions answered.

On Thursday . . . well, I'm not sure who will be on yet. Bob assures me he has some good contacts so we'll just have to wait and see.

On Friday, we will close out the week with a round of open phones. There will be a full hour and a half of Talk Back now that Hunter's Breakfast is over. Talk to you soon!