It's a weird week: with Peter gone that means I have to run the board, which also means I have to get up at 2:30 a.m. That all leads to me being very sleepy. But fear not, we've got a boatload of exciting Talk Back shows on the way!

On Monday, I have invited Missoula area represenative Ellie Hill to guest host the show. She will be picking the topics, but it's still open phones as usual. So far, I know she plans on talking about the Walsh campain and the "responsible Republicans" in the Montana legislature. The show should be lively, so call in. We will also have a give away!

On Tuesday, Peter will be back and we will speak with Constitutional scholar Rob Natelson. Rob is a former UM professor and currently writes for the Independence Institute when he's not writing amicus briefs for Supreme Court cases.

On Wednesday, fan favorite CPA Walt Kero will be joining me to discuss all things taxes as well as the ongoing investigation into the IRS.

On Thursday, we will speak with... well, I'm not entirely sure. I've got invitations out on the issue of Ebola as well as a possible Coptic Christian guest from Egypt. Not sure how the week will pan out.

On Friday, we will have open phones!