It's summer, and that's likely the reason it is so hard to confirm guests this week. As you can see by the photo below, no one had confirmed by the time I left work on Friday. Luckilly, my phone still works on the weekends and I have at least part of the week charted out.

For starters, on Monday, we will speak with John Bohlinger. Bohlinger took second place in the senatorial primary race against John Walsh. Now that Walsh is withdrawing his resignation, Bohlinger may be the most likely nominee for Democrats.

On Tuesday, we will have largely an open phones day, however, at 9:30 we are scheduled to speak with Mark Arabo; a representative of the Iraqi Chaldeans and Christians in Iraq.

On Wednesday or Thursday, we will speak with a guest from the World Affairs Council. Exactly who, is still unclear.

On Friday, we will close out the week with a round of open phones.

Have a great week!

Photo courtesy of Jon King