We've got another packed schedule this week on the Talk Back show, here's what we'll be beaming to your antenna this week:

On Monday, it's open phones as usual. Tell us what you want to talk about and we will get you on the air. I can't guarantee that what you say will make any sense, but we'll pass the microphone nonetheless.

On Tuesday, we will speak with Corey Stapleton. Stapleton has declared he will be running in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Max Baucus.

On Wednesday, we will speak with Said Tayeb Jawad as part of our World Affairs Council on the radio series. Jawad is the former Ambassador from Afghanistan to the United States. Jawad worked closely with the Hamid Karzai government as both Chief of Staff and Press Secretary. Karzai will be termed out next year and Jawad will likely be able to give us a glimpse at the forces preparing to occupy the top seat after Karzai steps aside.

On Thursday, we will speak with Andrew Smith, author of Sand in the Gears: How Public Policy Has Crippled American Manufacturing. Smith argues that America's own policies have led to the decline of manufacturing in the U.S. rather than foreign competition or cheaper labor overseas.

On Friday we will close out the week with a final round of open phones. Enjoy and have a great week!