The schedule is admittedly sparse this week, but will likely flesh out as the days roll on. Here's what to expect.

On Monday, we will kick off the show with quick conversation with members of the Exchange Club,  then it's time for our weekly open phones.

On Tuesday, we will discuss common core in Education with Emmett McGroarty. McGroarty is the author of Why the Common Core is Bad for America. As you can imagine from the title, McGroarty is an anti-Common Core advocate.

On Wednesday, we will have open phones. There is a possibility that we are able to speak with Steve Daines on Wednesday. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

On Thursday, we will speak with Mary McCourt from the Department of Health and Human Services about unplug and play week. Then, we will have open phones, unless I fill the slot.

On Friday, we will close out the week with open phones. Have a good week!