The Montana Department of Revenue is encouraging Montanans to e-file their state income taxes.

One of the big advantages of e-filing is a quicker tax refund. "If you file your return electronically you will get your refund, if you are due a refund, in five to ten days as opposed to if you file using a paper form which will take five to six or maybe even seven weeks," says Department of Revenue Public Information Officer Mary Ann Dunwell.

Online filing can be done through the the Montana Department of Revenue's TAP program (Taxpayer Access Point) as soon as January 22. Although the Montana Department of Revenue can receive TAP e-filed taxes on January 22, other e-filing software will most likely not be recieved until January 30.

Full interview with Montana Department of Revenue Public Information Officer Mary Ann Dunwell:

The delay is because of a date push back that resulted from the fiscal cliff negotiations. "Because the state relies on getting some information from the federal level, if you're a tax payer who files your federal and state returns together using the IRS software or a third party software provider, then we won't receive your return until January 30 or later," explains Dunwell.

Although it will take longer to process, those who wish to file by paper can still do so. Paper tax forms are currently en route to libraries, county offices and various banks throughout the state. Downloadable paper tax forms will be available on Monday, January 14.