It's a bit of short week due to Veteran's day and my coming down with an extreme case of pink-eye, but we'll make sure to pack it full of all kinds of Talk Back goodness.

On Tuesday, we'll have open phones. Tell us your thoughts about the General Petraeus scandal, the Applebee's boycotts, Missoula's new cellphone ban or any other topic that happens to be on your mind.

On Wednesday we will speak with the World Affairs Council's own Bob Seidenschwartz and special guest Pete Margela about disaster relief and how well the nation dealt with Hurricane Sandy.

Thursday we will speak to local law enforcement for the first half hour of the show about the Griz/Cat game. Then, we'll speak with Blaine Stimac, who runs a group of Montana private practice businesses. Stimac will be able to give us a frontline view of the changes in the healthcare field and how the affordable care act is effecting small healthcare institutions. Blain Stimac will not be able to be with us on Thursday due to a work conflict, instead, we will speak with the chairman of the Montana State Republican party, Will Deschamps.

Finally, we close out the week with another open phones Friday. Hope to hear from you!