Today’s show ran past tons of topics, but I would like to draw attention to the discussion on the Stop Online Piracy Act (S.O.P.A.). Click here to read the actual bill.

I feel that the United States has an interest in defending copyrighted material and in prosecuting illegal activates that occur on the Internet (child pornography for example). The current “wild west” nature of the Internet is benefiting some of the worst people in the world i.e. members of Chinese crime syndicates, sexual predators, and thieves. As someone who makes “intellectual property” now, I can see why so many of the groups supporting the bill come from within the creative industry (Marvel Comics, Disney, Sony, e.t.c.).

Despite my feelings that something needs to be done, hear are my 3 big fears about S.O.P.A.

  1. That it will lead to opinions being shut down instead of just criminal activity.
  2. That cases on issues of piracy will be won by those with the deepest pockets.
  3. That corporations and individuals will use the new system to taunt their competitors and/or the organizations they find politically disagreeable.

These are just my instincts here. I have yet to read the bill (just being honest with you). I’ll plug away at it tonight and I hope you will too. Tell us what you find in the comment section below and I’ll bring it up on the air tomorrow.

-Jon King