Plain and simple, America has a problem with abortion. The problem started with Roe v. Wade, where some of American’s most difficult decisions (Where does life start? What are a woman’s rights regarding her body?) were made not by legislation rising through congress, but by “legislation from the bench” via unelected judges.

I am of the opinion that the lack of a legislative discussion is the key reason why so many people are struggling with the issue. Roe v. Wade cut off the conversation. If I had my way, Roe v. Wade would be overturned, not because I think I have the sole right to decide these issues, but because I think “we” (state legislative bodies and the people) need to have the discussion. I don’t think I have the authority to say when life begins for the country (I have my opinion just like everyone else), and I realize that by leaving the decision in the hands of the states we will likely have large differences from state to state (pregnancy in Massachusetts and Oklahoma will be a very different story).

The issues of abortion and women’s rights are too big and too important to leave in the hands of nine judges. Let’s bring the issues home and work it out from the ground up. Let’s repeal Roe v. Wade and give each state its constitutional right to talk out the solutions. Well that's enough out of me, let's talk about it.