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Teen in Tinker Bell Costume Denied Entry Into Disney World
April Spielman wanted to make her boyfriend’s 16th birthday special. So the 15-year-old woke up at 4am and put on a painstakingly detailed Tinker Bell costume which she had spent the last few months preparing. When that was done, she accompanied her beau, who was dressed as Peter Pan, on his m…
Can a Pair of Glasses Trick You Into Eating Less? [VIDEO]
For years, many diet experts have advised using smaller plates for our food. By doing so, normal portions look bigger and thus fool us into thinking we’ve eaten more than we have.
Now a group of Japanese researchers have taken that idea one further — they’ve created goggles that mak…
5 Hilariously Awkward Richard Dawson Kissing Videos
Richard Dawson, famous for hosting the game show ‘Family Feud,’ died at 79 years old on June 2nd in Los Angeles. He was known, for better or for worse, as the host who kissed ladies on the show. Though Dawson claimed that kissing all women was important to fight discrimination, most of the attempts …
Man Applies Sunscreen, Bursts into Flames
Sunscreen is supposed to protect against burns, but it had the exact opposite effect on a Massachusetts man when a layer of applied lotion was ignited by a hot grill and burst into flames. That’s gonna be one heck of a sunburn.

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