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Nokia Phones May Soon Feature Vibrating Tattoo Alerts
It seems inevitable that one day man and phone will become one. At some point in the future, we will make calls by thinking about the person we want to talk to and then listen to their voice through a chip in our ear. But is that future closer than we think?
Where Is It Illegal in the US for Men to Wear Strapless Dresses?
It all starts the same — you and your buddies are pounding down beers at your favorite bar, and before you know it, you’re running down the street in your girlfriend’s dress while your friends are passed out on the sidewalk. It may be fun to party real hard like this sometimes, but…
Oops! Teen Texts Pranks About Hiding Dead Body To a Cop
With the convenience and anonymity that comes with texting, you would think it’s easy to pull off a prank. But for a teenager in Arkansas, a texting prank backfired when she joked about hiding a dead body, and sent the text prank to a random local number. That random number turned out to belon…