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Woman Calls 911 to Report ‘Nasty’ Hardee’s Burger
Donna Marie Nichols isn’t the first person to use 911 to lodge a complaint about her fast food order. By our count Burger King, McDonald’s and Subway have all driven patrons to turn to emergency services.
But, as far as we know, this Tennessee woman is the first person to call 911 on Hard…
Brooklyn Parents Want to Ban the Ice Cream Man
Residents of the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY know that spring is around the corner when ice cream carts start popping up in the area’s Prospect Park.
But according to a number of Park Slope parents, this time-honored tradition is causing them a special kind of ice cream headach…
Baby Rescued From Well Thanks to iPhone
Two-year-old stuck in a well? There’s an app for that.
Rescue workers in Mengzi City, China had the daunting task of freeing a toddler who had fallen into a 40-foot well. While they could hear the boy’s cries, they couldn’t really see him. This posed a problem when he kept slipping …

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