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Where Do People Stash Money at Home?
If you have a pile of cash and want to stow it away for safekeeping in your home, where are you most likely to do it?
A new poll shows the term “frozen assets” may be more literal than you think.
Newt Gingrich Was Bitten By a Penguin
Although the press and political establishment has all but handed Mitt Romney the Republican nomination for President, Newt Gingrich is technically still running against him. Needless to say, the former Speaker of the House is having trouble getting anyone to pay attention to him.
But Newt may have j…
Wannabe Male Broncos Cheerleader Has Serious Spirit
There are some professions men are just going to get poked fun at for even attempting. Besides nursing, it’s men trying to be professional cheerleaders. But you got give it to some men who despite knowing what they’re up against, are adamant about making it. Like this awesome guy, who qu…

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