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Caviar Eating Contest Winner Scarfs $5K Worth of Fish Eggs
Caviar is generally consumed in very small portions. In fact, the delicacy even has its own tiny spoon so you can enjoy a small amount of the slimy fish eggs. Which is why the idea of a caviar speed-eating contestant is so absurd. But that’s exactly what went down in a Moscow restaur…
Won’t You Adopt ‘Meow,’ the 39-Pound Cat?
A cat who goes by the descriptive name of “Meow” needs a new home. And it better be a big one because the two-year-old feline weighs 39-lbs. That’s three times what an adult cat should weigh or the equivalent to a 600-lb human.
94-Year-Old Woman Wows in Dance Contest
When 94-year-old Mathilda Klein is introduced to the crowd during a ballroom dance competition, the announcer talks about how she was 26-years-old during World War II and not as “vibrant” as she used to be. That and the fact Klein uses a walker to get around leads one to believe the competition is j…
Rare 1792 Penny Sells for Staggering $1.15 Million at Auction
Canada recently announced it would be phasing out its version of the penny, and since producing a US penny actually costs more than one is worth, some have called for similar action stateside. But one particular penny has far exceeded its face value, selling for over $1 million at auction.
Chicago White Sox Player Catches Unruly Kid on the Field
When you run on the field during a baseball game, you should expect rough treatment from the security guards or the players, if they happen to get to you first.
However, Chicago White Sox left fielder Dayan Viciedo couldn’t have been more gentle when he apprehended a field invader during the si…

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