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104-Year-Old Woman Is World’s Oldest Paraglider
Peggy McAlpine (yes, high altitude is in her name) first set the Guinness World Record for oldest paraglider five years ago when she was just 99-years-old. But earlier this year, 101-year-old American Mary Allen Hardison broke that record. So was McAlpine, now 104, going to let that slide? No.
Runaway Cow Makes a Stop at McDonald’s
In the town of Brush in northeastern Colorado, a cow made quite a stir by escaping her pen and walking half a mile to a local McDonald’s. We doubt she was there for the burgers. Maybe she just wanted a milkshake?
What the…? Woman Fired After Donating Kidney to Boss [VIDEO]
In today’s economy, it seems even donating a kidney to your boss isn’t a guarantee of job security.
Debbie Stevens, a Long Island divorced mother of two, alleges that she was fired from her job after donating a kidney to her manager, Jackie Brucia, and now she’s seeking millions of …

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