Weekly Schedule

The Talk Back Weekly Schedule
Here's the line-up for the week:
Monday: Walt Kero will enlighten us with talk about taxes.
Tuesday: We will speak with Montana State Attorney General candidate Jim Shockly
Wednesday: We will speak with Sam Whitehorn about internet taxes and then with Republican gubanatorial candidate Jim Lynch...
Talk Back: The Week Ahead
Here's a look at what who we'll be talking with this week. Now you can plan your calendars and get your questions written before we get our guests on the air.
Talk Back’s Weekly Schedule
Here's a look at what's on the line for Talk Back this week.

Monday: Open phones and the return of Peter(for a little bit).

Tuesday: Greg Jackson will promote Newt Gingrich and talk about the religious right in politics.

Wednesday: We'll have Gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill on th…