Could Bank Tellers Someday Become Extinct?
Many of us do our banking via ATM or other electronic means, but how would you feel if actual in-person tellers didn’t exist? A few banks are testing out new systems with the possible goal of making that idea a reality.
Is Facebook Just a Fad? — Survey of the Day
Facebook is currently preparing for what is believed will be the biggest initial public offering ever for an Internet-based company. But while Wall Street sees a bright future for Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, a surprisingly high percentage of the American don’t see Faceboo…
Who’s Calling 911 In New York City? Butts Are
Just about everybody who has a cellphone has accidentally ”butt” or “pocket”-dialed someone at one time or another. And when this happens you just hope you don’t end up ringing an ex, or your boss at 3 AM.
But it turns out many of these inadvertent calls end up being directed to 911 — somewhere else …

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