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The Talk Back Weekly Line-Up, December 14 – 18
It's almost Christmas! Although the presents must remained wrapped for a few weeks still, it is time to unwrap the last Talk Back episodes of the year. Here's what to expect.
On Monday after Health Talk, we will have open phones with Peter back in the studio after a week out with laryngitis…
The Talk Back Weekly Line-Up, Thanksgiving 2015!
It's Thanksgiving week and the two turkeys that run Talk Back are very thankful to all of our listeners. Here's what you can expect to hear during the holiday week.
On Monday, we will start Health Talk by speaking with Dr. Brad Pickhardt, a general surgeon and Trauma Director for Providence…
The Talk Back Weekly Line-Up, November 2 – 6
Thankfully, it's the first week of November and that means we get to hear from some of our favorite regulars on Talk Back. But first, we've got to get rid of all those old October pumpkins! Find out how KGVO did it here.
On Monday, we will begin the week with Health Talk, featuring a discus…
The Talk Back Weekly Line-up, September 14 – 18
On Health Talk this Monday, we will be speaking with Ange Anderson, Family and Birth Educator at St. Patrick Hospital's Family Maternity Center. We will be discussing childbirth classes. Then, at 9 we will have open phones.
On Tuesday, we will speak with British Council General Priya Guha and th…

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